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New Product Intro: 5G RG500L series

The RG500L 5G module is one of our newest and most advanced products - Embedded Software Engineer Mihajlo Mihajlovic explains more in this short video

The RG500L is a series of industrial-grade 5G modules (sub-6GHz) in an LGA form factor, specifically optimized for industrial IoT and eMBB applications. By adopting 3GPP Release 15 technology, the module supports both 5G NSA and SA modes. It also supports Option 3x, 3a, 3 and Option 2 network architectures and is backwards compatible with 4G/3G networks.

The RG500L is an industrial-grade module for industrial and commercial applications only. It includes 2 variants, the RG500L-EU (for use in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Brazil) and RG500L-NA (for use in North America). The module also combines high-speed wireless connectivity with an embedded multi-constellation and high sensitivity GNSS (GPS/BDS/GLONASS/Galileo) receiver for positioning.

The RG500L has a quad-core CPU @2GHz, and is integrated with a network hardware accelerator and VPN hardware accelerator, which allows the module to support a wide range of IoT and eMBB applications such as 5G wireless routers, CPE, MiFi, business routers, and home gateways.

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