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From here to autonomy

How to fulfil the requirements of the next generation connected car

Fully autonomous vehicles will be available on the mass market by the end of the decade – but, for now, barriers to widespread adoption remain. The potential for connected vehicles during the interim, however, is an exciting, multi-faceted and high-growth area in the IoT’s development – enabling enhanced road safety, smart traffic management, advanced navigation assistance, passenger entertainment and much more. Our free new white paper – ‘From here to autonomy: How to fulfil the requirements of the next generation connected car’ – sets out the promise of connected vehicles, assesses the technical and commercial challenges they face, and considers the road ahead. Read on for detail on where the opportunities in connected driving lie, which forms of connectivity are set to enable the next generation of automotive services, and how Quectel can support those planning a move into this space.


  • The state of play in automotive IoT
  • The role of connectivity in different automotive capabilities
  • Production forecasts for C-V2X vehicles
  • Market projections for connected vehicle services
  • Technical challenges for the smart vehicle market
  • Which Quectel modules can support your applications
A White Paper Cover

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