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Voltz Motors selects Quectel BG95-M3 to connect ecosystem of electric motorbikes

Voltz Motors, a Brazilian provider of two-wheeled electric vehicles has selected Quectel’s BG95-M3 multi-mode low power wide area (LPWA) module which supports LTE Cat M1, Cat NB2 and eGPRS with integrated GNSS, to enable an ecosystem of connected motorbikes. Voltz was established in 2019 in Pernambuco, Brazil, and has recently launched its second electric vehicle, the EVS motorbike which follows the earlier launch of the EV01 scooter. Approximately 1,500 Voltz electric vehicles have already been registered, which puts the company in the top ten best-selling scooter providers in Brazil 2020, that figure includes traditional combustion engine models.

“We are the first brand in Brazil to sell smart motorbikes and to create an ecosystem of connected motorbikes in which the user has full control of the motorbike by cell phone,” said Danillo Aguiar, an engineer at Voltz Motors. “We chose the Quectel BG95-M3 because it is the most suitable module for our M2M application. It is cost effective and has all the functionality requirements for our project in which the customer has access to all motorcycle information through the motorcycle’s mobile app, as well as the control of the security and geolocation system.”

The Quectel BG95-M3 achieves maximum downlink rates of 588Kbps and uplink rates of 1119Kbps with LTE Cat M1. The module’s integrated RAM and flash memory enables ultra-low power consumption, and the ARM Cortex A7 processor enables up to 70% reduction in power saving mode (PSM) leakage. The BG95-M3’s highly integrated, cost-effective and compact SMT form factor of 23.6mm × 19.9mm × 2.2mm is well suited to space constrained deployments such as those on motorbikes and scooters. The module’s comprehensive array of hardware-based security features enables trusted applications to run directly on the Cortex A7 TrustZone engine.

“We selected Quectel because of its fast support response, price and features,” added Aguiar. “Quectel is a worldwide company with good support capability in Brazil and this enabled us to overcome many challenges and launch this unprecedented product in Brazil. Quectel’s support meant all impediments were quickly overcome and we are using very recent technology in our vehicles.”

The Voltz Motors EVS offers a maximum speed of 120kmh with range of 180km at 45kmh. It can accelerate 0-60kmh in six seconds, outperforming 160cc combustion-engine scooters. The street model is equipped with a smart controller programmed to send data to the Voltz cloud. In addition, the smart digital panel connects to riders’ smartphones, so they can check the battery status and cycle, location, speed and riding data that encourage defensive and economical driving.

EVS is part of the Voltz ECO-V ecosystem of smart motorcycles which are connected 24 hours a day to the company’s servers, capable of monitoring in real-time everything that happens with a vehicle. The app means that from a distance, riders can monitor and control their EVS via Eco-V. This encompasses simple data such as the remaining battery life, to anti-theft tracking and alerting emergency services in the event of an accident. “We’re delighted that Voltz Motors has selected the Quectel BG95-M3 to enable its ecosystem of smart, connected motorcycles,” said Ricardo Simon, Sales Director, LATAM at Quectel Wireless Solutions. “As more users move to electric vehicles, gaining insights from vehicle data is an added value part of the electric experience. Safety and security features are an added bonus enabled by the connectivity and geolocation capabilities of the BG95-M3 and it’s great to see Voltz Motors and its customers utilize our module to build a smarter world.”

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