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Sigmais selects Quectel for NB-IoT enabled monitoring devices

Sigmais, a technology company focused in the IoT market with headquarters in Brazil, has selected the BC95-G high performance narrowband-IoT module from Quectel Wireless Solutions. The company provides solutions in the main cities in Brazil as well as to some countries in Latin America. The company’s goal is to transform data into strategies and results for customers.

“We use the NB-IoT Quectel module in a range of IoT products, which serve market segments such as health, industry, smart utilities and others,” says Guilherme Schubert de Azevedo, the founder & CTO of Sigmais. “Our Sigsense NQ devices, for example, monitor industrial equipment through vibration and the Sigmeter NQ family can monitor the entire cold chain.”

Sigmais turned to Quectel because it needed a device that would work using the NB-IoT protocol because of the coverage this technology has in Brazil. “The BC95-G helped us with a fast development, thus allowing the time to market to suit our needs,” adds Guilherme. “In addition, the module performed very well, and we have always had an excellent business relationship and technical support from Quectel and Arrow, our distributor. The cost-benefit ratio was also an important factor in choosing the Quectel module and, the fact the module was approved by one of our partners, the operator TIM, also contributed to our choice.”

The Quectel BC95-G is a high-performance NB-IoT module which supports multiple frequency bands and is designed to be compatible with Quectel’s GSM/GPRS M95 and LPWA BC95 modules, in order to provide a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GSM/GPRS to NB-IoT networks. The BC95-G’s ultra-compact, unified form factor of 23.6mm × 19.9mm × 2.2mm makes it a perfect choice for size-sensitive applications, and surface mounted technology makes it ideal for durable and rugged designs. Its small LCC package is also ideally suited to large-scale manufacturing, which has strict requirements on efficiency and cost.

The module’s small size, extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and ultra-low power consumption allow it to serve a wide range of IoT use cases such as smart metering, shared micromobility, smart parking, connected security solutions, asset tracking, smart home appliances, intelligent agriculture and environmental monitoring. It can also provide a complete range of SMS and data transmission services to meet client-side demands.

Guilherme cites the BC95-G’s product maturity, certifications with operators and Quectel’s support as key factors in deciding to select the module. “We don’t see just a separate module or just the component and its datasheet,” he adds. “The company’s experience, support and costs are important strengths of Quectel and these combined with an effective distribution chain enabled us to build a robust solution. The fact that Quectel also allows us to carry out tests on final products similar to those required by ANATEL, the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, is a very important aid in the approval processes.”

Ricardo Simon, Sales Director Latam, Quectel Wireless Solutions, said: “We’re delighted that Sigmais has chosen the BC95-G for its latest range of devices. As NB-IoT coverage increases worldwide and in South America in particular, it’s great to help companies like Sigmais in their development of innovative monitoring solutions that enable vendors to offer hardware-as-a-service. We’re pleased to help Sigmais harness the advantages of NB-IoT and to help build a smarter world.”

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