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MC Technologies selects Quectel EC21 modules for MR LTE router series

MC Technologies, a leading European provider of M2M and IoT hardware and software, has selected Quectel’s EC21 IoT module in various country variations. The module is being used in the company’s New LTE Router series as well as in its MC100 family of products. In addition, MC Technologies is utilizing the EC21 across its wide range of IoT products, including the MC9x series of IoT gateways.

The Quectel EC21 is an LTE Category 1 module that offers maximum downlink of 10Mbps and uplink of 4Mbps. With an LCC form factor, it measures 32.0mm × 29.0mm × 2.4mm and variants can operate in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for a wide range of deployments. 

“The EC21-E is a proven, reliable communication modem we have used in the past with a wide range of customers,” said Frank Schmidt, one of the two managing directors of MC Technologies. “The reliable connection it provides to the LTE network and sustained data-transmission performance are a clear differentiator for the product line. The EC21 also supports the Quectel FC20 Wi-Fi module which allows us to offer a comprehensive range of communication options for our IoT customers.”

MC Technologies, which is headquartered in Hannover, Germany has been at the forefront of supplying companies with IoT hardware and solutions for many years and is Quectel’s official distributor in Germany. The company’s wide range of products includes mobile communication routers, terminals and gateways as well as industrial computers. The product portfolio also offers customer-specific cable assemblies and industrial connectors. 

With the recent introduction of MC Technologies’ MC-92, a versatile industrial IoT gateway, the company addressed the need to offer an enhanced IO capabilities line that would have required long development cycles using traditional microcontroller technology. The availability of QuecOpen as a platform for extending the modules features, meant MC Technologies was able to introduce enhanced cloud connectivity after a short development cycle.

“Our solutions are deployed in all geographical regions of the world providing remote diagnostics, connectivity and IoT to cloud integration across the globe,” explained Matthias Bannach, the company’s other managing director. “Our solutions provide connectivity and management of remote machines and sensors using local as well as cloud-based configuration capabilities. By utilizing firmware over-the-air (FotA) functionality our customers are always up-to-date with firmware and MC Technologies’ enhanced functionality.”

Key attributes that attracted MC Technologies to the Quectel EC21 are its support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via the associated Quectel FC20 chipset, adding diversity and choice for customers. In addition, the wide set of functions available on the same footprint with modules such as the Quectel EG25-G or the EG21 enables customers to choose the optimal module for their deployments. Finally, Quectel’s heritage means customers can access known connection reliability and proven RF performance.

“The integration of QuecOpen, support for Wi-Fi modules and a wide set of solutions available on the same modem footprint clearly differentiate Quectel from other suppliers we have evaluated,” added Schmidt. “Quectel has also supported us with design reviews and excellent customer support to resolved issues during the development cycle.”

“We’re delighted that MC Technologies, with which we already have a strong and long-term relationship, has selected our EC21 modules and regional variants for integration into its LTE routers and its versatile MC-92 IoT gateways,” said Dominikus Hierl, SVP Sales EMEA, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “These gateways are deployed globally and industrial customers demand both high performance and choice to ensure they have access to the connectivity their devices need. We’re delighted to supply MC Technologies with our modules as it helps its customers with the IoT gateways they need to build a smarter world.”