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Inova Farm chooses Quectel GNSS module to improve animal traceability for ranchers

Inova Farm, a Brazil based developer of solutions to create new opportunities in agribusiness by using IoT, machine learning and big data technologies, has selected the L96-M33 IoT module from Quectel Wireless Solutions. The module has been integrated into a new animal marking ear-ring created by Inova Farm to solve the challenge of obtaining accurate positioning information of animals in fields.

The ear-ring, which is similar in appearance to traditional animal marking ear-rings, works by emitting signals via satellite which are received to provide farmers with all the information necessary to ensure traceability and safety for their herds. The small form factor of animal marking ear-rings meant Inova Farm was looking for small sized, low weight IoT modules in order to keep the overall weight of the product low. In addition, because of the nature of farm animals, the device needed to be robust and able to operate in a range of temperatures.

Inova Farm, which has deployed connected animal marking ear-rings at Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais, Brazil, selected the Quectel L96-M33 GNSS module because of its small form factor of 14.0mm x 9.6mm x 2.0mm and because of its low power consumption in idle mode. The integrated antenna and low weight of the module make it ideal for this use case.

The L96-M33 module features an embedded chip antenna and external antenna interface. With 33 tracking channels, 99 acquisition channels and 210 PRN channels, the module supports concurrent reception of up to three GNSS systems (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo), reducing time-to-first-fix compared to GPS-only systems. The L96 combines EASY™ (Embedded Assist System for self-generated orbit prediction) with LOCUS™ (internal logger) and AlwaysLocate™ to achieve excellent accuracy with low power consumption.

The L96’s combination of ultra-compact design, extremely low power consumption and superior performance makes it ideal for power-sensitive applications, especially portable devices, and it is suited to a variety of consumer and industry applications in addition to agribusiness use cases.

L96 Quectel

“We are now able to offer ranchers improved management capability with greater animal monitoring precision, more reliable data in real-time and, above all, stronger security,” said Rodrigo Dutra, Director, InovaFarm. “This is an excellent technological solution to a well-known agribusiness challenge that is easy to deploy and has shown brilliant results. What distinguishes Quectel from other companies is that it is always searching to maintain lasting partnerships and is always open to helping Inova Farm.”

Ricardo Simon, Sales Director Latam at Quectel in Brazil, added: “We’re delighted that Inova Farm has selected our L96-M33 GNSS module to empower its new, connected animal marking ear-ring. The ability for ranchers to accurately position their animals across wide distances is of immense value. We look forward to working with Inova Farm as it adds customers and develops further products to help build a smarter world.”