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IERTEC launches smart sensing node based on Quectel MC60E module

IERTEC SMART TECHNOLOGY is a Spanish company dedicated to developing technological tools to improve society and daily life. It has been offering products and solutions for applications in industry, smart city and wireless connection.

Recently IERTEC launched a smart sensing node S2N which acts as watching, detecting and identifying devices. The smart sensing node, with a Quectel MC60E module inside, plays a big role in both smart cities and traffic applications. It is able to trace people movement, based on which city administrators could improve tourism, street signaling, infrastructures and communications.


When applying on traffic, S2N could detect moving vehicles at high speed on highways or within the city. This smart device collects big data on roads, and the data statistics will help improve urban transport system in aspects of traffic flow, pollution control, route optimization, driving tendencies and speeding detection. These features are powered by a built-in Quectel MC60E module.

Quectel MC60E is a quad-band full-featured GSM/GPRS/GNSS module using LCC constellation package. It supports both BT4.0 and BT3.0 specifications. BT4.0 supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which features ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption, thus making MC60E especially ideal for applications requiring energy-efficient Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The compact form factor, great positioning performance and low power consumption make Quectel MC60E a best choice for IERTEC S2N which is widely applied in traffic and sensing applications.