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Elsys selects Quectel BG95 for new range of IoT-enabled devices

Elsys, a Brazilian company with 31 years of experience in the electronics and telecom market, has turned to Quectel to provide its BG95 module for integration into its new IoT modem.

The Brazilian electronics specialist has previously presented innovative solutions for satellite receivers, improving TV signal reception throughout Brazil and is now adding IoT-enabled products to its portfolio. In addition to products in the television market, the company offers solutions for telecom, security, solar energy and audio receivers and its products and services are marketed by a network with more than 30,000 points of sale spread across Brazil.

A key priority for Elsys was to specify a module that offers connectivity for remote areas and devices. This is particularly important to enable better control of equipment in areas of the country where there is poor internet capacity. Quectel's BG95 module family is a series of multi-mode LPWA modules that supports LTE Cat M1, Cat NB2, EGPRS and integrated GNSS. The modules offer maximum data rates of 588 kbps downlink and 1,119 kbps uplink using LTE Cat M1 but the diversity of connectivity available was an important attraction to Elsys, which is utilizing narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) networking.

LTE BG95-M6 IoT Module

In addition to the versatility of the module when it comes to connectivity, the Quectel BG95's cost-effective SMT form factor of 23.6 mm × 19.9 mm × 2.2 mm and ease of integration enables integrators and developers to easily design their applications and take advantage of the module's low power consumption and mechanical intensity.

“Quectel is a pioneer brand in all the bands that are available for use in the Brazilian territory and we are using BG95 modules because of the connections they offer,” confirmed William Suzuki, a product analyst at Elsys. “The long-range connectivity we can achieve using the Cat-M, NB-IoT, Edge and GPRS connectivity has made it easier for customers to remote control their machines. It is easy and fast to develop using the Quectel module and we have received great support from the Quectel team. In addition, Quectel also offers a web page so the product can easily be configured and monitored.”