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dTOOR circles Quectel SC600 smart module for new, round phone

dTOOR Inc. SPC, the maker of The Cyrcle Phone, a smartphone that offers a round display and is marketed as a “non-rectangular phone for non-rectangular people”, has selected the SC600 smart module from Quectel Wireless Solutions for its Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE product. The new device, which utilizes the Android 10 operating system, is being delivered to customers in North America and the company has plans to expand to address markets including the UK, UAE, South Africa, India, Malaysia and Japan. The Quectel SC600 module was chosen because it provides Cyrcle customers with the uplink and downlink performance they expect for smartphone data.

“There are so many features and chipsets already within the SC600 itself that using this module substantially sped up our development time,” stated Christina Cyr, the CEO of dTOOR Inc. SPC. “When we first started, it was difficult to obtain samples and support from other vendors as a newcomer. However, we did not have these issues with Quectel. We have been fortunate to have had highly beneficial relationships with Quectel from the very beginning and these have deepened even further over time.”

The Cyrcle Phone

The Quectel SC600 is a new-generation multi-mode LTE Cat 6 smart module that has a form factor of 43.0mm × 44.0mm × 2.85mm and offers maximum downlink speeds of 300Mbps and 50Mbps uplink. With an in-built Android operating system, the module has an operating temperature of -35°C to +65°C. This high-performance module supports various multimedia features and Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which makes it ideal for both industrial and consumer applications that require high data rates.

The Cyrcle Phone offers an innovative solution for mobile phone enthusiasts who are ready to explore beyond mainstream rectangular smartphones. The device fits comfortably in a user’s hand and Cyr says users are likely to find that images and videos look better on the round display of The Cyrcle Phone.

Quectel SC600 Range

“We originally chose the Quectel SC600 smart module series due to its downlink and uplink speeds, which were higher than competitors at the time,” explains Cyr. “We decided to stay with the Quectel SC600 smart modules series because of Quectel’s extremely clear documentation, the quality of which is well above industry standards. We were absolutely impressed by the outstanding Quectel engineering support for all our technical questions. Quectel’s exceptional support, communication and insight into the industry really distinguishes it from other module suppliers.”

“dTOOR Inc. SPC and The Cyrcle Phone would not be here today without the continuous support of both Quectel's business and engineering teams,” she adds. “Quectel's module documentation is clear and thorough, the Quectel engineering support is world-class, and Quectel’s business team members keep up with our progress and goals. During these challenging times, the Quectel team has kept us informed of market conditions several months ahead of other suppliers. With Quectel, our company is in excellent hands and our products benefit from Quectel’s quality smart modules.”

The Cyrcle Phone

Peter Fowler, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Quectel Wireless Solutions, says: “We’re delighted that dTOOR Inc. SPC has selected our SC600 smart module for its innovative Cyrcle Phone which is offering customers an alternative to mainstream rectangular phones. We look forward to continuing our relationship with dTOOR as it rolls out the product worldwide.”