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Accent systems develops NB-IoT tracker based on Quectel BC95

Thanks to young, motivated and talented team, Accent Systems provides innovative enterprise IoT solutions globally. Accent Systems is pioneer in developing NB-IoT solutions, a Cellular based IoT technology fully complaint with 3GPP standards.

NB-IoT is a perfect wireless technology to track cow movements, thereby enabling farmers to know where their livestock has been and when an infected cow might have been in contact with other animals. It’s also a state-of-the-art solution for monitoring the cold chain. Once installed the NB-IoT Tracker to the product or products that want to be held at a particular temperature, the device start sending its location and temperature raw data.


“Our new NB-IoT Tracker is an excellent IoT device for tracking both indoor and outdoor assets, with very high accuracy and a very high lifespan (up to 6 years of battery life).  It is the first GPS tracker with NB-IoT and consists of Quectel BC95 as well as L70-RL, a low-cost GPS module. The product can offer solutions to multiple IoT verticals such as Assets Management, AVL, Connected Cow to name a few”, said Mrs. Raquel Ligero, head of Communication at Accent Systems. “We are deeply impressed and excited by extremely fast response and same day action attitude and level of support received from Quectel as well as quality of the modules. Together with Quectel we managed to be 1st IoT mover, much ahead of rivals.”



“We are indeed proud of working with Accent to launch one of very 1st NB-IoT tracker in the world thanks to BC95-B20 NB-IoT module,” Quectel’s Iberia Sales Manager Mr. David Baró added that “Outlook of mutual cooperation between Quectel and Accent is brilliant as we have been pushing sophisticated yet economical viable NB-IoT modules such as BC95-GBC68 and BC66 as well as many more in Quectel’s R&D pipeline.”