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Good connexions: determination to evolve

Jon Morley, Head of IoT technical, Quectel Connectivity Solutions

Quectel has a really strong opportunity, mainly because customers are always conscious of the need to simplify processes workstreams. And that’s right the way through from design to procurement, manufacturing logistics and the complete lifecycle management. Being a globally reputable brand and well-known for delivering efficiencies to customers gives us a strong position. Added to this, our skill at providing existing services means we are now positioned to enhance our capabilities with IoT connectivity.

Success from the start

Our approach to engaging with customers means that we’re also at the beginning of the customer journey, when they’re on their way to success. So, with the addition of connectivity to our portfolio, it means that we also ensure the cellular solution is not only fit for purpose, but also optimized to ensure customer projects succeed and risks are mitigated.

Ultimately the customer drives this so I think some of the attributes they look for are flexibility, agility and understanding of their requirements. One of the really key components of any partnership is trust and this where we can help because many companies are not necessarily experts in cellular. That could be because it’s not part of their business or they just have no interest for it to be. So they may therefore need to look for a transparent partner primarily. That means somebody that will listen to them understand their needs and then they’ll rely on that partner to drive the required activity to deliver the service.

We’re consulting with the customers about all aspects of their solution. So we’re not just talking about radio coverage, we’re not talking about specific radio technologies but we’re also talking about security, because that’s imperative. We’re talking about compliance to regulations and to certifications, as well as other areas such as billing optimization that will enhance the business they do today.

Single sourcing and simplifying IoT connectivity procurement

Quectel is in a really valuable position to help customers when you consider the level of collaboration needed to launch a service. Expertise in antennas and modules and now connectivity really complement one another without the need for a new solution or for evolving an existing service. Being a single provider to our customers eliminates the challenges involved managing those multiple suppliers, which in turn, will mitigate risk, and minimise time and complexity of design and manufacture.

Quectel is a great innovator and visionary. And as a market leader in modules and antennas, the connectivity business is only going to follow the same path of success. So the excitement, the determination to evolve was demonstrated from the first conversation I had with Quectel. What I saw was the passion for what we do and why we do it. Everyone who works here has the drive and ambition to succeed. And since I’ve joined the strong and visible leadership in the organisation empowers me to drive the connectivity business through the collaboration and innovation that we need.

About the author

Jon Morley is head of IoT technical at Quectel Connectivity Solutions and is demystifying the technical aspects of cellular connectivity for IoT solutions providers as they add connectivity to the modules and antennas they buy from Quectel. The goal is to simplify IoT connectivity procurement and take away technical headaches for Quectel customers.

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