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Management Motivations: How Quectel executives lead to succeed

Release time: May 9, 2020  Source: Quectel  Click: 683 times


Management Motivations is a new series of articles by Quectel's senior executives that explores their management styles, approaches to the challenges of further developing the company and what drives them to lead and succeed.


Patrick Qian, CEO:


Number 1: Starting out on the journey of a lifetime



I grew up in a small village and as a child I read a multitude of books about all sorts of ancient heroes and generals from Chinese history. I've always admired heroes who fought for people under difficult circumstances so, since my graduation from university, I have focused on how to be a high achiever and sought out the most challenging opportunities to avoid being stuck in boring working environments, where I cannot thrive or do anything meaningful. 





Starting a company was never an imperative for me. However, in university I read some books about how to start a business and one theme that ran through them was that successful businesses often start from small but unique ideas. At a very early stage of my working career, I had an idea and suggested to my father that I wanted to start a tea growing and production company in our home village, but my father rejected my idea.  Later the success stories of many entrepreneurs and their works of changing the world for good inspired me, e.g, Steve Jobs of Apple and Jack Ma of Alibaba.  

I have always wanted to be the best in whatever I do, and as my career progressed I couldn't see the potential of heading to the number one spot in my job so I quit. I realized that I could only achieve my goals by starting my own company, so I didn't hesitate and in 2009 I took the life-changing step of starting Quectel with seven colleagues. 

Look out for the next instalment in this blog series where I will be explaining why technology businesses are the most exciting to grow!



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