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Management Motivations: How Quectel executive lead to succeed

Release time: June 17, 2020  Source: Quectel  Click: 76 times


Management Motivations is a new series of articles by Quectel's senior executives that explores their management styles, approaches to the challenges of further developing the company and what drives them to lead and succeed.


Patrick Qian, CEO:


Number 2:  Why technology businesses are the most exciting to grow


I can't find a more exciting technology than the cellular mobile industry to be involved in. My major at university was Electromagnetic Field Theory and Microwave Technology and with Quectel I am doing exactly what I learned about during my studies. Our work is making this world more efficient, more productive, more convenient and safer. I'm convinced our technology is the way to develop a much better world and this makes it exciting and interesting to work in.





Quectel is playing a key role in building up the IoT industry for the world. For things to be connected especially to outdoor things, cellular is the best technology since it is almost ubiquitous. With future satellite cellular networks under construction by some companies including SpaceX, it will become truly ubiquitous on earth.


When more traditional industries and products want to utilize cellular technologies, they need our support to make it happen. These companies are not familiar with cellular technologies and it's impossible for all of them to build their own cellular departments so Quectel, as the leading module vendor in the world, can make it easier, quicker, cheaper and more innovative.


Some of our innovative modules are inspiring customers to develop unique products and applications. Beyond the cellular modules, we hope that we will be able to support customers as much as possible.


We will continue to work hard in order to enhance Quectel's position as the most valuable IoT module supplier who listens well to customers' requirements and helps them to develop IoT products. Our mission of Build a Smarter World excites me every day.  


Look out for my next blog when I will be discussing “Fostering success in a competitive market”



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