Quectel’s flexible module portfolio, robust support and fast lead times enable Getrak to get tracking with high-quality NB-IoT vehicle trackers

Getrak, a tracking and telemetry solutions company based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has selected the Quectel BC92 high-performance, multi-band narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) and GSM dual-mode module. The module is being used in Getrak’s latest vehicle tracker for the fleet management industry with NB-IoT and 2G fallback being used alongside GNSS satellite capability. Offering maximum speeds of 127Kbps downlink and 158.5Kbps uplink the module weighs just 1.8g and can operate in a temperature range of -25°C to +75°C.

“We selected the Quectel BC92 because having the choice of using NB-IoT brings lower costs in connectivity plans and in the module itself, compared with the Quectel BG96 module we used in former projects,” confirms Luiz Sergio Peixoto Almeida, a design engineer at Getrak. “We are using the BC92 in a new high-quality vehicle tracker with NB-IoT and 2G fallback, GNSS and a set of inputs and outputs. The BC92 enables us to offer our customers a lower price for a customized, high-quality 4G vehicle tracker with features that can’t be found elsewhere in this price range.”

Getrak, which has previously used Quectel’s BG96 LPWA modules in its products was attracted to the BC92 because of the quality, support, pricing and maturity that Quectel offers. “We faced some issues due to the limitations of the BC92 compared with BG96, for instance with the GSM SMS feature, and the Quectel support team has helped us in all the development steps,” adds Peixoto Almeida. “Quectel has good support for new developments, which includes the technical and sales teams as well as consistent technical documentation. The prices are fair and the lead times are better compared to competitors.”

Ultra-compact, high-performance NB-IoT/GSM BC92 ideal for vehicle trackers

The BC92’s ultra-compact form factor of 23.6mm × 19.9mm × 2.2mm makes it a perfect choice for size-sensitive applications such as vehicle trackers. In addition, ultra-low power consumption makes it suitable for a wide range of IoT use cases such as vehicle tracking, smart metering, shared micromobility, smart parking, connected security solutions, asset tracking, smart home appliances, intelligent agriculture and environmental monitoring. The BC92 can also provide a complete range of SMS and data transmission services to meet client-side demands.


“The adoption of NB-IoT technology for the tracking market has allowed us to overcome several challenges in relation to other existing technologies. This strategic choice has enabled us to fully exploit the long-range and low-consumption potential that only this innovative technology offers. Especially in the context of Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, this decision has proved to be even more impactful.

To achieve this result, we chose to work with Quectel, combining its recognized product quality with the vast NB-IoT connectivity infrastructure present in more than 4,300 cities in the country. In this way, by developing the GTK SE 4G Pro within all Brazil, we meet all the particularities of the demanding national vehicle tracking market. Our vision has always been towards the prosperity and success of our valued customers, and this strategic approach has been fundamental in achieving these goals”, said Bernardo Polese, R&D Director of Getrak.

“We’re delighted that Getrak has selected the BC92 module for its latest vehicle tracking device,” said Ricardo Simon, Sales Director LATAM, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “It’s always great to welcome a returning customer as they adopt another product from Quectel so to have Getrak select the BC92 to enable it to serve more customers and support its offering with dual mode NB-IoT and GSM connectivity is particularly pleasing. We look forward to our BC92 modules enabling the next generation of Getrak fleet management trackers with new features that previously would have been unavailable.”