New Product Intro: SG885G smart module

The SG885G is one of our newest and most advanced smart modules - Field Application Engineer Filip Cocic explains more in this short NPI video

The SG885G is Quectel’s new generation of flagship Android smart module. Based on Qualcomm's flagship IoT chipset QCS8550, with built-in octa-core high-performance Kryo™ CPU, Adreno™ 740 GPU, Adreno 1295 DPU, Adreno 8550 VPU, Hexagon™ DSP, and Spectra™ ISP, the module supports Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3 and 2 × 2 Wi-Fi MIMO technology. Featuring powerful performance and rich multimedia functions, it is ideal for both industrial and consumer applications requiring high computing power and multimedia functions.

A rich set of interfaces (such as LCM, camera, touch panel, I2S, PCIe, UART, USB, I2C, SPI, etc.) allow the module to serve a wide range of M2M applications, including live streaming devices, gaming, edge computing, robots, AR/VR, and intelligent retail.

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