Sep 28 2023 09:00 - 11:00 EDT (New York)

How to design advanced, intelligent edge IoT applications with Qualcomm based smart modules

Quectel’s collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc means IoT product designers can make use of the combined strength of highly advanced smart modules and chipsets. Quectel smart modules based on Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon chipsets are enabling a huge number of machine learning and intelligent edge applications.
Commercial examples include industrial automation solutions where production in large scale manufacturing plans have been optimized via real-time analysis and edge computing. Edge intelligence can identify defective samples in highly advanced factory settings by screening out any defects during production.
As the market races to develop solutions that make use of intelligent edge computing to greatly simplify many aspects of commercial and consumer life, participants must understand how to make the most of the technology at hand. In this Masterclass, experts from both tech companies will guide you through the fundamentals of smart modules, how they impact the industry, and how to best use Qualcomm based Quectel solutions.

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The best technologies for replacing 2G and 3G for IoT

We explain the best technologies for replacing 2G and 3G for IoT

2G and 3G networks are sunsetting around the world – so systems integrators must quickly but carefully choose replacement technologies. Analysis shows how newer technologies such as LTE-M, NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1 can support IoT applications typically enabled by 2G and 3G networks – spanning a broad range of use cases such as smart grids, connected mobility and wireless payment. Common questions and issues around this topic include:
- Why are telcos sunsetting 2G and 3G?
- LTE Cat 1 vs. 2G and 3G
- Can LTE Cat 1 be an alternative to LTE-M or NB-IoT?
- Future-proofing IoT deployments
In this Masterclass, our experts provide an update on industry sunsetting and the critical moments when organizations need to make the switch. They also explain which connectivity technologies are the best replacements for applications currently served by 2G and 3G networks, and the steps IoT organizations should take to get this process underway. Speakers also introduce the Quectel product portfolio, and which are best-suited to each use case.