Quectel Participates in Demonstration of World’s First VoLTE over Cat.M1 IoT Use Case


At the ongoing MWC Shanghai 2017, Ericsson, China Unicom, Qualcomm and Quectel have successfully demonstrated the world’s FIRST VoLTE over eMTC (Cat.M1) IoT use cases, proving that the technology supports richer application scenarios in demand for audio communication.



The demonstration was conducted at two IoT application scenarios, an emergency alarm panel and a GPS tracker. Both devices are embedded with Quectel’s multimode LTE Cat.M1/Cat.NB1/EGPRS BG96 module, which was developed based on Qualcomm’s MDM9206 LTE modem.


▲ An emergency alarm panel embedded with Quectel BG96 module


At the Ericsson booth, when Chris Houghton, Head of Market Area North East Asia at Ericsson, pressed the emergency button of a fire alarm panel, the BG96 module inside was immediately triggered and connected with the LTE network. Afterwards, two channels were set up - one was used to send alarm signals and position to the fire service center, while the other one enabled voice call.


Such emergency alarm panels also apply to elevators, expressways and other public and government sectors in need of emergency assistance. The Cat.M1 technology ensures easier deployment of wireless emergency communication equipment, while the VoLTE feature will help those in need get timely help.


▲ A Meitrack GPS tracker embedded with Quectel BG96 module


As Cat.M1 technology boasts better coverage, BG96 module can also be adopted in GPS tracker, and is able to send location information to rescuers normally even in remote regions.


During the demonstration, a tracker embedded with Quectel’s BG96 module initiated an emergency call from China Unicom booth to the device at Ericsson booth, and completed an end-to-end data call using Cat.M1 VoLTE technology.


Also at the expo, Quectel joined hands with Qualcomm and Gizwits to launch a BG96-powered cold chain asset management solution, and demonstrated free switch between Cat.M1 and NB-IoT.


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