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Licensed LPWA networks as of June 2020



LPWA connections by 2025



Market value by 2025

LPWA (low-power wide-area) is a new generation of network technology designed to connect devices requiring low power consumption, long range and high security. This makes it ideal for low-cost applications which may require many units with low data requirements, or those that operate in remote or hard-to-reach locations which must be reliably powered over long periods.

LPWA therefore enables many everyday objects to connect to the IoT, communicating essential data regularly, reliably and with minimal human intervention. Thermostats, street lights and utility meters, for instance, can now all be easily connected to cellular networks, then be monitored and controlled remotely, or indeed automated entirely. Countless items which might previously never have seemed candidates for connectivity can now be intelligent devices.

Such solutions can provide businesses with crucial insights into their own operational performance, helping to drive perpetual improvements – and the data generated is allowing sectors as a whole to better understand themselves too. LPWA’s impact is therefore proving transformative across sectors: industries such as agriculture, utilities and manufacturing are already making vast financial savings, as well as environmental improvements, while enhancing workforce safety – and the range of adoption is broadening all the time.

The advent of LPWA has led to vast new investments in infrastructure by mobile network operators, meaning deployment of these networks is unfurling in record time, and roaming agreements are expanding rapidly with them. As of June 2020, there are 131 licensed LPWA networks across the globe, with ever more countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas adapting their cellular networks to support the technology. By Q4 2020, licensed LPWA connections are forecast to number 200 million – growing to well over 1 billion by 2025 – with the overall LPWA market valued at $210 billion.

Those that adopt this technology early will gain a significant advantage over competitors – and the investment required may be surprisingly modest. Quectel’s range of durable and cost-effective LPWA modules caters for the full array of applications across sectors in all markets which are LPWA-ready.

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