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QuecCloud IoT

When you first purchase hardware from Quectel, it marks the beginning of your relationship with us, not the end. We are clear on the need to support our customers with superior aftermarket services to make the best possible use of our products and achieve the results they need.


QuecCloud is our modular service suite designed to ensure our customers get the most from their solutions – whether through remote device management, remote positioning or remote firmware upgrades. For detail on the various components of QuecCloud, please see below.


QuecHub is our IoT data access service which helps customers bring various solutions together into functional harmony via the cloud – a flexible digital backbone to ensure the agility and responsiveness of the whole.


QuecHub functions via an IoT protocol gateway bridging device at one end, with the customer application at the other. One-step onboarding allows cloud-deployable modules to be ready for unified cloud access procedures out of the box, and the interface features a restful API gateway for no-hassle coding, to enable rapid integration of devices with various web and mobile applications.

Data is contained within the customer’s own security domain and is transparent to the service itself, and the service features integral device-to-platform security which is compliant with AAA standard practice.

QuecHub is free to trial, and free to use within limits.It is then charged on a pay-as-you-go basis to suit the various growth and migration needs of different organizations.

We can also deploy QuecHub on-premise as a white label service for customers who wish to deploy their own IoT cloud platform – a one-off deployment fee applies, followed by annual maintenance charges until the customer is able to maintain the platform independently.


QuecLocator is our end-to-end IoT positioning solution. The service enables secure and precise positioning capabilities for customers who need to keep track of exactly where their connected assets are – wherever and whenever they need to do so.


The service tracks data from WiFi APs and cellular base stations via GNSS satellite signals to locate Quectel’s cellular and WiFi modules, without any requirement for additional GNSS modules. Rigorous security is assured and no private data is collected. The solution is lightweight and has very low power consumption requirements.

QuecLocator’s high degree of accuracy and stable performance allows it to meet the demands of most business requirements. Cellular products can be tracked worldwide, whether indoors or outdoors. WiFi products can be tracked in urban and indoor environments. Hybrid products can be tracked anywhere worldwide.


QuecFOTA is our firmware-over-the-air service enabling customers to perform remote upgrades via a simple web interface, enabling flexible upgrade campaign strategies.


Upgrade procedures can be monitored and troubleshot in real time – via a range of project management, strategy configuration, and package validation features – with detailed upgrade reports and statistical analyses available as a result.

Either public or private cloud can be used, and security is assured by encrypted package and secure-layer data transmission. DFOTA support additionally allows the customer to reduce data transmission by up to 95%.

This service can be charged either by number of upgrades, or a prepaid fee covering lifetime service for a given device.

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