North America
Junior Level
Bachelor or above


  1. Forecasting
  • Monitor monthly forecast outreaches
  • Identify forecast abnormalities; follow up if needed with sales and customer
  • Check on run rates compared to forecast, identify discrepancies and follow up
  • Track if design ins are forecasted
  1. Funnel update
  • Enter opportunities in the system
  • Add new accounts and details based on analyst reports and meeting summaries
  • Maintain opportunities, follow up with sales/technical sales on updates, study meeting summaries
  • Go through the funnel and work with technical sales to ensure we have a monthly update
  • Create online and offline reporting
  1. Finance
  • Run credit reports
  • Monitor overdue payments, collect feedback
  • Monitor upcoming overdue payments
  1. Logistics
  • Summarize latest material situation
  • Monitor overdue shipments, collect feedback
  • Create order reports for customers, highlight updates
  • Inform customers about important PCN/product updates
  • Work on questions related to sales ops
  1. Meeting and QBR PPT creation
  • Create reports and graphs for team
  • Ensure all meeting summary action items are followed up on and chase those tasked with actions


  • 2+ years of experience in a sales operation’s role
  • Advanced knowledge of Salesforce.com
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (i.e., Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • High level of organization and detail-orientation
  • Advanced problem-solving and analysis skills
  • Proficient in Mandarin Chinese and English (oral & written)
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