R&D Center (Penang)
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for schematic design and PCB decoration of RF part of 2G/3G/ NB-IoT /Cat M LTE/5G NR wireless communication module

2. Responsible for 2G/3G/ NB-IoT /Cat M LTE/5G NR RF performance index debugging, testing, analysis and solving rf problems

3. Responsible for writing product HD documents, LTE CA and 5GNR EN-DC document list

4. Responsible for production support, able to solve RF problems encountered in the production process

5. Responsible for customer support, providing solutions to customer problems

6. Cooperate with the problems encountered in various certification (CE/FCC/GCF/PTCRB/AT&T) of supporting modules.



1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, radio, microwave, automation, etc.

2. Familiar with RF schematic design, PCB decoration, circuit debugging

1. At least 1 year GSM/WCDMA/LTE mobile phone RF design and debugging experience, Qualcomm platform development and design experience is preferred

3. Have A good understanding of RF basic theory, familiar with LTE/LTE-A communication principle

4. Proficient in English reading and writing, able to communicate in oral English is preferred;

5. Good team work spirit, serious and responsible for work, proactive, willing to bear hardships, easy to deal with sincere, strong ability to work under pressure.

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