R&D Center (Belgrade)
Middle Level
Bachelor or above

Job responsibilities:
1.Conduct routine operation & maintenance of business platforms including platform management, monitoring, releasing and troubleshooting to ensure business stability.
2. Execute infrastructure device and middleware components operation & maintenance, and other daily maintenance activities;
3. Ensure 7 * 24 monitoring response for online services, respond to and solve operation problems;
4. Quickly locate and solve system problems, work closely with development team to check various problems and explore improvement solutions.

1.Bachelor degree or above, with 2 +years working experience in operation & maintenance development or operation & maintenance deployment;
2. Familiar with Linux operating system management and related network knowledge; Familiar with AWS or other public cloud platforms;
3. Rich experienced in the deployment, operation &maintenance of common open source tools such as Nginx/MySQL/Redis/Zookeeper;
4. Familiar with one or more scripting language (shell / Perl / python, etc.);
5. Good communication teamwork skills, able to work well under great pressure
6. Excellent oral and written English skills because of the need to communicate with global customers and Chinese teams

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