Latin America
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above


Check the Warehouse management Process and standard (material Fifo system control, storage, handling, environment);


Familiar with IQC incoming material inspection and processing process, assist to confirm and verify abnormal phenomena, and supervise the implementation of processing;


Familiar with SMT production process, confirm the use of SMT(solder paste, steel mesh, automation), monitor whether the processing plant (quality management process, system control process, operation execution) can meet the processing process and quality standards of remote products;


Verify that the factory product testing procedures (tool use, label printing and repair, gold plate management, fixture management, first piece, product control and packaging) are in strict accordance with Quectel product quality standards;


Finished product inspection (familiar with basic knowledge of electronic components, familiar with appearance inspection standards, understand nonconformity handling and feedback process);


Confirm whether the skills and configuration of workers in each link of the factory meet the production requirements of our company, supervise the implementation of training status of each position in the factory, and ensure the quality of products;


Check and confirm the factory (environment, 5S,ESD) to ensure that it meets our production standards;


Confirm the finished product delivery process, follow up the abnormal quality in the factory, and follow up the improvement effect. Assist company leaders to complete various tasks.

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