North America
R&D Center
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above


Job Descriptions:

  1. Investigate, analyze and track the market of on-board pre-installed wireless communication products (T-BOX / vehicle central control all-in-one machine / vehicle wireless communication products, etc.);
  2. Analyze the new requirements of the OEM and Tier 1 customers, complete product demand analysis and product definition, and work closely with R&D, projects, and sales to promote project development and achieve product goals;
  3. Propose product optimization and improvement suggestions and supervise the implementation until the end of the product life cycle;
  4. Understand the development trend of the on-board industry, be able to timely and accurately research, monitor and analyze the dynamics of competitors, and propose corresponding countermeasures;
  5. Responsible for following up and responding to the RFQ of the factory, providing the proposal (Spec/Timeline) of the product in time according to the RFQ requirements, and assisting sales to formulate products and business strategies according to competitors.
  6. Follow up and promote the progress of major vehicle factory projects until the project SOP.
  7. Product market promotion: proactively carry out technical exchanges or workshops with the OEM or Tier1, etc., and publicize the advantages of the company and the company’s on-board products;


Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree in telecommunications, electronics, computers and other related majors, with more than three years of work experience;

  1. Experience in the development, management and promotion of on-board front-loading products, familiar with the software and hardware architectures of T-BOX / vehicle central control entertainment all-in-one machine / vehicle wireless communication products;
  2. Familiar with the general requirements and standards of the automotive industry such as TS16949 / APQP / PPAP, and familiar with the quality system and requirements of the OEM;
  3. Work experience in on-board wireless modules (2G / 3G / LTE), Tier 1 or OEM is preferred;
  4. CET-4 or above, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, overseas work experience is preferred;
  5. Team management experience is preferred, be able to withstand a certain frequency of business trips;
  6. Have keen market analysis and judgment ability, good communication and expression ability and user service awareness;
  7. Have strong learning, writing, innovation and speech ability, and good team communication and collaboration ability;
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