R&D Center
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for new product introduction, process/structure/quality problem discovery, evaluation and improvement follow-up, assist tooling, fixture requirements evaluation;
  2. Responsible for leading the trial production process of new products, and leading the "pre-trial production Preparation Meeting" and "Trial Production Summary Meeting";
  3. Responsible for the analysis, treatment and summary of the major abnormal problems of testing/structure/process and the unqualified problems of quality experiment found in the online production of new products, and do pre-prevention;
  4. Responsible for the project approval of new products and prototype trial production stage of each problem mining and improvement and do pre-prevention;
  5. Responsible for site follow-up in prototype trial production stage, collect and summarize the following problem reports and maintenance reports submitted by various departments;
  6. Lead the effect verification of new product DFM, DFT and DFA (producable design, testable design and assemblable design);
  7. Responsible for making FMEA, improve SOD data and prevent early stage;
  8. Responsible for making new product processing instruction.


Required Experience:

  1. At least 5 years working experience in wireless communication industry;
  2. Good English reading and writing skills;
  3. Strong ability of cross-department communication and coordination;
  4. Familiar with the development process of mobile phone and module r&d end;
  5. Familiar with the production process and technology of mobile phone and module factory;
  6. Strong ability to independently set up and debug mobile phone and module related test environment;
  7. Strong ability of anomaly analysis
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