R&D Center
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Linux Qualifications:


Some experience developing applications and firmware in C/C++ on Linux and/or RTOS embedded systems.

Good data structure and algorithm knowledge.

Some experience on debugging with GDB or JTAG debugger.

Motivated individual to learn and grow together by working with team and should be able to develop modular and scalable code in embedded systems.

Operating system internals and Linux kernel build and configurations knowledge.

Knowledge on various peripheral technologies, including low-speed peripheral and high-speed peripheral busses i.e. USB, I2C, SPI, UART, I2S.

Some experience on pin-control software, GPIO and ADC is required.

Some experience with socket APIs, inter-process communications, and multi- threaded programming.

Working knowledge on networking protocols, including TCP and UDP.

Knowledge on source code management like SVN, GIT and PERFORCE.


Modem Software/ Firmware:


Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a Technology Diploma with relevant industry experience.

Excellent software development skills using C/C++.

experience in developing real-time embedded Linux system.

Excellent software developing and debugging skills on embedded real time operating systems (ThreadX and QuRT)

Knowledge on 3GPP(RRC MAC RLC and l3 layer protocol) standard and modem networking stack.

Hand-on experience on LTE/UMTS L2/l3 layer trace log analysis.

Good to have some experience with modem debugging tools like QXDM and CMW500.

Experience with Qualcomm based modem and Hexagon DSP is plus.

Knowledge on Secure boot, LWM2M, OMADM and FOTA is plus.

Proficient with git and Perforce source code control and applying patches.

Must work well individually and in a team environment.


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