Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Job Responsibilities:  


  1. Responsible for technical support of CUSTOMERS relatedto GNSS products and follow-up of GNSS customer projects;
  2. Responsible for testing, debugging and analyzing GNSS customers' equipment, and solving customers' equipment problems;
  3. Responsible for docking GNSS technical problems fed back by FAE abroad, coordinating R&D resources and solving GNSS related technical problems of customers;
  4. Responsible for GNSS product and technology training;
  5. Other tasks assigned by supervisor.


Location: Taiwan


Job Requirements:  


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics, radio, microwave, automation, computer, etc.
  2. Familiar with the principle of GNSS satellite positioning, the use of GNSS receiver and data processing;
  3. Proficient in using various GNSS test tools and instruments to conduct system function, performance and pressure simulation tests;
  4. Familiar with GNSS related industry background, familiar with GNSS chip platform is preferred;
  5. Familiar with C language and common debugging methods, with certain debugging experience;
  6. Familiar with basic circuit design, able to analyze and check circuit design;
  7. Strong learning ability, logical thinking and problem solving ability;
  8. proficient in reading and writing English, able to communicate in spoken English, communicator is preferred;
  9. Good team work spirit, serious and responsible for work, customer service awareness, proactive, willing to work hard, easy to be honest, and strong ability to work under pressure.
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