R&D Center (Penang)
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Job responsibilities

1. Schematic drawing and PCB packaging

2. Assist hardware engineer to complete PCB placement

3. PCB Layout, review and modification

4. Confirm with PCB board factory

5. Assist in handling PCB quality issues

6. Summarized and sorted out PCB Layout process documents

7. Be familiar with the manufacturing process of PCB board manufacturer synchronously according to the high Requirements of PCB board



1. More than five years of multi-layer HDI Layout experience, mobile phone or communication module Layout experience is preferred

2. Basic knowledge of circuit, transmission line theory, RF and other knowledge

3. Familiar with PCB lamination structure and process flow, wiring impedance principle and calculation

4. Bachelor degree in electronics, communication, radio, microwave or other communication and electronics related majors, if the work experience is very rich, can be reduced to diploma

5. Knowledge of EMI, power supply integrity and signal integrity is preferred

6. Good English reading and writing skills

7. Strong sense of responsibility, work carefully, proactive, good team spirit

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