North America
Senior Level
Bachelor or above


Job responsibility

  1. Responsible for the mechanical design of consumer and industrial antenna, including self-developed and customized, internal and external antennas;
  2. Be able to communicate with customers about design requirements, and evaluate and propose new mechanical solutions;
  3. Lead product design with 3D and 2D, such as plastic shell, metal base, waterproof ring, connector selection, cables, fasteners, brackets, magnets, labels, stamping, FPC, PCB, LDS, etc.;
  4. Cooperate with PM or PDM (product manager) to provide RFQ support and help Quality to develop reliability test specifications related to mechanical part;
  5. Lead sample qualification both mechanical and functional and create QY (part number application), and cooperate with suppliers to solve mechanical issue and process problems;
  6. Responsible for releasing production documents and assisting the production line to solve production problems;
  7. Continuously optimize the structural design and reduce the product cost.
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