North America
R&D Center
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor or above

Job description


  1. Analyze customer demands in the field, make 5G product definition highly efficient with leading position.
  2. Correctly judge the new market trend and be able to conduct detailed analysis of competitors in real time. Analyze cost competitiveness, guide the formulation of product strategies/roadmaps, and ultimately promote the success of product selling.
  3. Cooperate with local sales managers to secure Quectel products are best fit to market, support sales managers to obtain major customers or key projects through product line side.
  4. Responsible for the promotion of new products to the market.
  5. Prepare training tools and training materials, educate sales and channels by the way of online and offline presentation.


Required Education, Experience and Competencies:


  1. Bachelor degree in communication, electronics, computer and other related majors, with at least 5 years work experience, including more than 3 years’ work experience in product manager
  2. Relevant experience in mobile phones, tablet computers, cellular modules, and various cellular communication IoT devices is preferred
  3. Project management and development experience is preferred
  4. Strong market analysis and judgment ability, good communication and cooperation ability, and good user service consciousness
  5. Strong learning ability, excellent innovation and Self-motivated, and good organization and planning skills
  6. Adapt to frequent business trips
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