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FC20 Series&FC10 Compatible Design

Quectel FC20 series module contains FC20 and FC20-N variants which are compatible with FC10. It helps you easily migrate from FC10 to FC20/FC20-N in your design and manufacturing.

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FC20 series and FC10 modules are designed as compatible products. Customers can choose a proper model according to specific application demands. With the help of the compatible design guideline, customers can migrate from FC10 to FC20 series modules smoothly during the product design and manufacturing. The following tables show the general information comparison between FC20 series and FC10 modules.


Table 1 Module General Information


Module Wi-Fi BT Packaging Dimensions Description
 FC20  2.4GHz and 5GHz  4.1*  38 LCC pads +
 14 LGA pads
  16.6 × 13 × 2.1mm   Wi-Fi&BT module
 FC20-N  2.4GHz  Not Supported  38 LCC pads +
 14 LGA pads
  16.6 × 13 × 2.1mm   Wi-Fi module
 FC10  2.4GHz  Not Supported  24 LCC pads   16.6 × 13 × 2.1mm   Wi-Fi module


Table 2 Features Overview


Feature FC20 FC20-N  FC10
 Power Supply

 Main supply voltage: 3.3V

 I/O Interface supply voltage: 1.8V

 Main supply voltage: 3.3V
 I/O Interface supply voltage: 1.8V
 Main supply voltage: 3.3V
 I/O Interface supply voltage: 1.8V
 WLAN Technology  802.11a/b/g/n/ac  802.11b/g/n  802.11b/g/n
 BT Technology  BT 4.1*   Not supported  Not supported
 Best-in-class Coexistence  WLAN/BT coexistence
 LTE-BT coexistence
 LTE-WLAN coexistence
 LTE-WLAN coexistence  LTE-WLAN coexistence
 SDIO  SDIO 3.0  SDIO 3.0  SDIO 2.0
 Antenna Interface  Wi-Fi&BT antenna, 50Ω  Wi-Fi antenna, 50Ω  Wi-Fi antenna, 50Ω
 Dimensions  (16.6±0.15)×(13±0.15)×
 Weight  About 0.81g  About 0.81g  About 0.63g
 Packaging  LCC+LGA  LCC+LGA  LCC
 Operation Temperature
 -35°C ~ +75°C  -35°C ~ +75°C  -35°C ~ +75°C
 Extended Temperature
 -40°C ~ +85°C  -40°C ~ +85°C  -40°C ~ +85°C



* means the function for FC20 module is still under development.

1) Within operation temperature range, the module is IEEE compliant.

2) Within extended temperature range, the module remains the ability for data transmission. There is no unrecoverable malfunction. There are also no effects on radio spectrum and no harm to radio network. Only one or more parameters like Pout might reduce in their value and exceed the specified tolerances. When the temperature returns to the normal operating temperature levels, the module will meet IEEE compliant again.



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