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Good connexions: the natural next step in IoT connectivity

Julian Edwards, Head of Commercial for Global Connectivity, Quectel Connectivity Solutions

Quectel is one of the market leaders in modules. We have built a reputation in the market for providing high quality products at very competitive prices, backed by excellent service support in designing and deploying solutions. We have built on this success by bundling antennas into our solution, and so the next natural step is to also provide IoT connectivity. By doing this, customers will simplify their supply and implementation operations and benefit from the great service levels that we offer.

Although we are late entering an already very crowded IoT connectivity market, we have already built close relationships at the design, production and C-levels of organizations. This means that our customers are very open to reviewing our connectivity offering and we have a unique opportunity here.

Putting together proposals that encompass one-time products (i.e. modules and SIMs) alongside ongoing consumption (connectivity services) is complicated but practical. The main challenge is to bring together parts of the organization that had not previously worked together before. We are very open to new ways of working and Quectel is a fast-paced and agile organisation. This makes it a very exciting place to be.

Making IoT connectivity easier for everyone

An additional strength is our thriving distributor channel. Many of our distributors are not used to providing services on an ongoing basis so there is an element of training and education that needs to happen with them as well. We are offering a high degree of commercial flexibility so our distributors can become resellers or be compensated through a referral model.

The market is absolutely ready to adopt single sourcing for IoT connectivity, antennas and modules. We are simplifying the procurement and deployment of IoT services around the world and our embedded SIM and iSIM offering will further add value for customers as they no longer have several parties to coordinate when rolling out their devices.

Another key advantage is in the service area. By providing a large percentage of the value chain we are able to provide end to end support and customers really like this. They have learnt to know and trust Quectel service teams with their modules and antennas and are really excited by the prospect of working with us to improve responsiveness and resolution times for their support teams.  

Quectel’s vision: simplify supply

I have joined Quectel firstly, from a personal perspective, because I am passionate about the IoT industry and want to make it easier for everyone. I believe that growth in the industry has been restrained by technical difficulties and hurdles that customers need to cross if they are to be successful.

Quectel is unique in its vision of wanting to simplify the IoT world through the design, build and run phase for customers. We have a rapid culture which means that decisions are made and things get done very quickly. It is a very exciting place to be.

I think we have a unique opportunity in that we have a very significant market share in the module world and with that a great reputation for high quality products. The door is already open and it is now up to us to walk through it by offering a high quality service from the creation of an idea all the way to bringing it into reality.

About the author

Julian Edwards is Head of Commercial for Global Connectivity at Quectel Connectivity Solutions and is driving the deal-making strategy that is seeing IoT solution providers turn to Quectel for their connectivity, in addition to modules and IoT antennas. The business of managing global IoT connectivity is very different from selling modules, he explains.

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