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Principles of 5G

Release time: July 29, 2019  Source: Quectel  Click: 1596 times


There is no doubt that “5G” will have profound impact on the course of human civilization. Mobile subscribers would benefit from 5G in different ways which can be summarized as better User Experiences. However, the greater impact would be on Machines, to make the world highly connected and ultra-smart. The foundation for such transformation will be the 5G.




5G is known to target IoT as new market segment, consequently it has to satisfy a broad range of business and complex technical requirements. Hence it will be increasingly important for IoT solution providers to design their 5G equipment and select appropriate service category for its optimal usage. As a leader in IoT module innovations, Quectel has been expediting 5G IoT commercialization, by developing one of the first deployable 5G modules in the world based on latest Qualcomm chipset. Download “Principles of 5G" booklet to learn how 5G can transform your business and unlock countless new IoT opportunities. 






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