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Six Good Reasons to Collaborate with Quectel

Release time: November 29, 2018  Source: Quectel  Click: 1432 times


We would like to put forward six good reasons to collaborate with Quectel as the fastest growing vendor in wireless module industry.

But before revealing the six reasons, we shall mention that we humbly and honorably respect all our competitors with absolutely no sense of fears, as competition is considered as a value not a threat. There is a classical wording becoming increasingly popular and needleless to be repeated but to be explicit, we bring it up again: “Competition makes you stronger”.

1) Technical Strengths.


● 1st mover in launching new technology. For instance, Quectel developed NB-IoT module as early as 2016, almost one year ahead of others.

● Strongest LTE module portfolio.

● The best 2G/3G portfolio.


2) Low Cost, is an advantage not a weakness. Cost is not multiplication of a few parameters but is result of “harnessing and harvesting values” in our organization. We claim to have the best cost structure in this industry due to below unique value propositions:


● Cost conscious business practicing across entire headcount regardless of their position.

● Smart and focused investment in R&D and engineering; materializing the most optimized development cost.

● Strongest supply chain management. Our volume and restricted discipline in order taking help our suppliers to drive material cost lower.


We are used to saving money and passing the benefits to our customers. This is simply interpreted into competitive selling price.


3) Ultra-Customer-Centric Policy. The IoT world is the land of Opportunity, Inspiration and Creativeness. At Quectel we are committed to making a difference in the IoT module industry. We inspire our customers and are inspired by them to “Build a Smarter World”. Quectel is revolutionarily redefining module business by embarking on a simple yet smart methodology which is basically an ultra-customer-centric policy. Nowadays in the very competitive market place, a company is not competing with its rival. In fact, supply chains have to compete with each other. Therefore, Quectel policy is not to establish a simple buyer-seller relation with its customers but rather to be a true partner in the value chain. We define “Sales” as a project to be commenced with collaboration, to be continued with engagement, sharing experiences and knowledges, and to be accomplished by creating values.


4)  Building Trustworthy Value Chain Partnerships. Quectel has been proactively and closely cooperating with standardization firms, accredited test laboratories, Communication Regulatory Authorities (CRA), Governments and many others including but not limited to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) globally in order to build up a trustworthy mechanism hence customers use the modules in their designs confidently. We have been obtaining countless certificates from mentioned above firms and must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.

Our simplest message to honorable competitors is that a “fear game” is not a “fair game” although sadly seems that sometime fear business is more lucrative, but in the long run only “fait” to business ethics would win.


5) Long Term Commitment. Our core management team have been in module business since very early days. While some of our competitors exhibit instability in high ranked management team, Quectel enjoys strongest and most stable management team which promises long term presence in the market.


We have most rigorous End of Life (EOL) product policy in place with full commitment to supply and support during EOL and announce it to customers in advance well before mass production commencement.

Although the industry witnessed spinoff in recent years, made life difficult for respective customers in that particular IoT vertical, Quectel has been very determined to serve entire IoT vertical spectrum regardless of probable temporary market fluctuation. While competitors are downsizing, we are adding more and more manpower worldwide and has become the fastest growing vendor in wireless module industry.


6) Global Presence. Quectel is becoming market leader in wireless module industry mainly due to phenomenal growth internationally and strengthening position in domestic market, thanks to our strong presence in key markets by having motivated yet professional sales and support teams. We also leverage on hardworking internationally oriented staffs at home to support overseas market effectively and efficiently. For instance, this is a normal habit to find people continuously support North America even at midnight or early in the morning.

Quectel is working with three Chinese, one Brazilian EMS and adding one more abroad. Thanks to above arrangement and excellent supply chain management, we are resilient to any probable manufacturing, logistics and supply crises.



We treat our customers as true partners as their success is interpreted into our own. We do not consider sale as a destination. Instead we learnt to practice business as a journey with objective of creating value for customer as well as for the company. Thousands of happy and satisfied customers in five continents (and keep adding numbers) proves Quectel’s contemporary approach toward IoT industry.


Industry 4.0 revolution is not a theoretical concept anymore. In fact, related products and services are being widely used in almost all industries and even penetrate into micro retailing. This is indeed a turning point in human being history. At Quectel, we are overwhelmingly excited to be part of this revolution by offering communication cores thanks to our richest product portfolio in the cellular connectivity market, from 2G and NB-IoT all the way to 5G and beyond.

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