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Quectel Partners with Konka to Demonstrate NB-IoT Washing Machine

Release time: March 19, 2018  Source: Quectel  Click: 2793 times


Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of wireless modules, partnered with Konka, a famous Chinese home appliance manufacturer, to demonstrate an innovative smart NB-IoT washing machine at the Appliance & electronics World Expo (AWE) held early March in Shanghai.



Designed for public laundry market, the smart device allows users to control it through mobile phones. After scanning the QR code printed on the washing machine, users can select different washing modes, place order, pay the bill online and start the machine. 


In addition, consumers can search nearby available washing machines and make reservation online, in order to avoid spending time on checking whether there are idle devices.



Traditional coin laundry requires regular collection of money, cleaning and maintenance, which is usually not easy to manage and leads to high cost, while the smart washing machine can easily settle such issues for the reason that it supports mobile payment. With this new feature, the Konka machine will help reduce administrative cost, cater to young people who have formed the habit of going out without cash, and facilitate people’s life based on Quectel NB-IoT BC66 module.



Developed upon MTK MT2625 chipset, BC66 has an ultra-compact 17.7mm × 15.8mm × 2.0mm profile, making it a perfect choice for size sensitive applications. Designed to be compatible with Quectel GSM/GPRS M66 module in the compact and unified form factor, it provides a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GSM/GPRS to NB-IoT network. 


BC66 supports a full frequency band of B1/B2/B3/B4/B5 /B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/ B20/B25/B26 /B28/B66, and is a best choice for a wide range of IoT applications, such as smart metering, bike sharing, smart wearables, smart parking, smart city, security and asset tracking, home appliances, agricultural and environmental monitoring.


About Quectel
Quectel Wireless Solutions has been devoted to developing and promoting IoT cellular technologies and solutions since its foundation in 2010. It focuses on designing, developing and selling cellular modules and solutions which are targeted at IoT applications. As a professional IoT technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel has a broad product portfolio including GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+), LTE and NB-IoT modules. It owns rich experiences and is able to provide one-stop service for IoT cellular modules. Quectel products have been widely applied in fields such as smart payment, telematics and transport, smart energy, smart city, security, wireless gateway, industry, healthcare, agriculture and environment monitoring. For more information, please visit Quectel's websiteLinkedInFacebook and Twitter pages.


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