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Quectel’s CEO Patrick Qian Received an Interview by GSMA at MWC 2017, Barcelona, in Spain

Release time: March 20, 2017  Source: Quectel  Click: 2747 times


As an associate member of GSMA and the exhibitor of MWC 2017, Quectel’s CEO Patrick received an interview by GSM Association (commonly referred to as 'the GSMA’) at MWC 2017, Barcelona, in Spain.



GSMA, the organizer of MWC, represents the interests of mobile operatos worldwide. Approximately 800 mobile operators are full GSMA members and a further 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem are associate members.


About the interviewer’s questions like Quectel’s marketing strategy, Patrick Qian pointed out the global presence strategy is an important marketing strategy. He said, “The IoT industry is just at the early stage of the development and the future potential is huge. So Quectel is very excited in work in this industry and we will try to build a global setup so we can be close to our customers and listen to their demands and develop innovative products according to their requirements so that to help them become more successful.”





And the reasons why Quectel can stand out from the crowd, he emphasized on importance of Quectel’s technical management team. He said “Quectel’s management team is very technical. Myself has a microwave communication background. And I am the first person in China working on the cellular module since 15 years ago. So the team is very technical and we understand what customer wants and we also understand the trend of this technology. So, that is why our many products are pioneer in this industry. We are the team very willing to take the risk for new products. I think that is why we are successful today.”





With regards to the future hope of Quectel, Patrick said, “Because Quectel’s goal is to be one of the leading module vendors with the best R&D team, best portfolio and so we can help more customers to be extremely successful. We have a very clear vision and we are working very hard to build a stronger and better company and to build a better and smarter world.” 




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Quectel Wireless Solutions is a leading global supplier of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA/(+), LTE and GNSS modules. Leveraging Quectel’s strong R&D capabilities, comprehensive expertise, wide variety of high quality products and consistent philosophy of putting the customer’s demands at the forefront, Quectel has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy provider of wireless modules since its establishment. Quectel modules can be ideally suitable for any M2M applications from Telematics to Smart Metering, to Wireless POS, to Security, to mHealth, to Networking and other application fields.




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