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Wireless payment devices expand the ways in which customers can pay and free retailers from handling cumbersome cash. Mobile-enabled M2M commerce can even extend the boundaries of retailers' physical store by allowing them to accept payments at mobile or temporary locations without a telephone line.

Wireless POS
Cash Register
Vending Machine
Top-up Machine

The emergence of “Artificial intelligence”, “big data” and “cloud services” promotes the development of smart POS. Smart POS not only has the functions of the cash register, printing receipts and scanning QR code, it also provides multiple payment methods, membership management function (CRM), marketing management and all kinds of convenient service. In the future, since new advanced technology and new requirements will certainly influence the smart POS, the development of smart POS will have a long way to go.


Quectel LTE smart module series, which can be ideally used in smart POS, will enable smart POS to easily obtain and analyze the data, support mobile payment, verify membership and manage customers based on CRM system.

The Advantages of Quectel’s Smart Modules

● Integrates Android OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS into one module

● Built-in Android operating system ensures smart POS machine do not need an external CPU, which makes the machine with smaller size.

● Supports a rich set of interfaces such as LCM, Camera, Touch Panel, MIC, SPK, UART and USB.

● Makes Smart POS machines able to easily obtain and analyze the data, support mobile payment, verify membership and manage customers based on CRM system.

● Makes the smart POS can accept almost all the mainstream payment forms, such as Near Field Communication (NFC), QR code payment (Alipay, Wechat Pay, Baidu Wallet), and biometrics payment technology based on the reading of palm print and fingerprint.


The Advantages of Smart Payment

  • Accurate Response

    Accurate response shows payment success or the reasons for failure. (no money for example).
  • Simplicity

    Best conversion rates from a single click-to-buy and no need to enter any further payment details.
  • Instantaneous Payment

    Instantaneous payments give the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective

    Wireless networks lower the cost of installing electronic POS terminals since merchants avoid the expense and inconvenience of installing additional telephone lines at payment locations.
  • Secure and Reliable Transactions

    With robust wireless signals and the greater bandwidth and faster data transfer rates offered by LTE network, payment data can be transmitted securely and reliably.
  • SSL Function

    SSL protocol provides a secure connection between a client and a server and can prevent data from being eavesdropped, tampered, or forged during the communication process.
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