The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrates sensors and mobile technologies into traditional industry, connects assets throughout the whole manufacturing process, and hence improve operational efficiency, optimize inventory and monitor conditions of the machines.

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The IIoT transforms each and every sector of traditional industry, including supply chain management, production process optimization, monitoring of equipment health and performance, environmental monitoring, energy management, safety production, etc. The IoT-enabled industry will greatly increase production efficiency, improve product quality, lower cost and reduce resource consumption.

Challenges for Industrial IoT:

● Fully connected: Connect all sectors during the whole production procedure, and integrates them into a unified administration system, to achieve fully automated production.
● Fully control: Real-time monitoring allows manufacturers to access necessary data to make smart decisions, take corrective action and identify potential problems.
● Resource integration: Provide customized orders with efficient supply and “zero inventory” based on the integrated supply chain platform.
● Harsh environment: Electronic components should stand the reliability test under harsh environment such as high temperature, excessive level of dust, etc.


Benefits of Quectel Modules


● Compact form factor, low power consumption, high integration and high stability in harsh environment.

● Worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, with smooth migration from 2G, 3G to 4G

● Support rich Internet protocols, industry-standard interfaces as well as abundant drivers and software

● High quality data and image transmission, while SSL function ensures secure data transmission

● Offer reference designs, evaluation tools and timely technical support, which will minimize design-in time and development efforts

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  • COBBLESTONE, a GPS Tracker for All Seasons
  • Sensoneo, Where IoT Changes Waste to Treasure
  • Quectel BG96 Helps Municipalities to Realize Smart Waste Management
  • Accent Systems Develops NB-IoT Tracker Based on Quectel BC95
  • RDCCO Adopts Quectel BG96 in Latest Gateway
  • Quectel EC25 Module Supports iWave's OBD II Device

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