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Sensoneo, Where IoT Changes Waste to Treasure

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an essential role in managing cities as ICT facilitates all aspects of daily operations of municipalities nowadays. IoT is becoming a vital element and pillar of ICT in urban and suburban areas since in absence of data collection reliably, timely and securely, no processing and decision making could be thought of.

Waste Management is one of the resource-intensive tasks and costly operations which deserve to swiftly take advantage of state-of-the-art solutions. By implementing Smart Waste Management Solution collection routes, pick-up frequencies and vehicle loads are optimized which evidently can reduce collection costs and lower carbon emissions in cities significantly.


Sensoneo is a global enterprise-grade Smart Waste Management Solution provider with international presence in 76 locations and 22 countries covering 5 continents.  Sensoneo enables cities and businesses to manage their waste cost-efficiently, be more environmentally responsible and improve the well-being of people.


Sensoneo designs, develops and produces several variants of smart fill-level sensors that are able to monitor any type of waste in wide variety of bins. Fill-level information is transferred via IoT networks to Sensoneo software.

"No one likes waste, but we, at Sensoneo, do love tackling challenges related to waste. The issue increasingly paralyzes municipalities since waste management is consuming enormous budgets with uncounted social impact while the waste management and collection are still functioning as it did 30 years ago.  Thanks to our engineering capability and best knowledge of waste management, we believe Sensoneo can be part of city value chain to change waste to treasure,” said Mr. Martin Basila, CEO and founder of Sensoneo.  “Our R&D are very familiar with wide variety of IoT technologies and Wireless Module suppliers, but we have smartly selected Quectel as it’s always the first mover and pioneer in M2M/IoT field, very much like our organization, hence we have strong sense of commonality and similarities in business culture.”

Bases on Qualcomm’s 9206 modem, BG96 is global multimode Cat M1, NB-IoT and EGPRS module with integrated GNSS. It supports FDD LTE frequency bands of B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28, TDD LTE Band 39 (for Cat M1 only) as well as EGPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz. BG96 offers a maximum data rate of 375Kbps downlink and uplink, and is fully compliant with 3GPP R13 of LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1 specification.




Thanks for proven success stories in different IoT verticals, BG96 is ideal for a wide range of applications such as Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, AVL, Health and Vending Machines. It features ultra-low power consumption and provides pin-to-pin compatibility with Quectel LTE module EG91/EG95, Cat NB1 (NB-IoT) module BC95, UMTS/HSPA module UG95 and GSM/GPRS module M95. BG96 is backward-compatible with existing EDGE and GSM/GPRS networks, ensuring it can connect even in remote areas devoid of LTE coverage.

Quectel have been heavily investing on promoting NB-IoT alongside and shoulder to shoulder of giant MNOs across Europe, as we strongly believe that future belongs to 3GPP based IoT connectivity. As NB-IoT and Cat M1 coverage are expanding rapidly, we are committed to collaboratively work with our partners for a shortcuts and fastest possible time to market,” said Mr. Grzegorz Bazyluk, Regional Sales Manager, Quectel Wireless Solutions, East Europe. “It was indeed an exciting moment in my career when Quectel started cooperation with Sensoneo as I found them a group of incredible people.”

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    EG21-G Mini PCIe
    LTE-A EG12
    LTE Standard EG21-G
    LTE-A EG18
    LTE-A EM12-G
    LTE Standard EC21
    LTE Standard EC25
    LTE Standard EG91
    LTE Standard EG95
    LTE Standard EG25-G
    EC21 Mini PCIe
    EC25 Mini PCIe
    LTE EM05
    LTE-A EM06
    LTE-A EP06 series
    LTE-A EG06
    GSM/GPRS M66 R2.0
    GSM/GPRS M65
    GSM/GPRS M95
    GSM/GPRS M66
    GSM/GPRS M08-R
    LTE BC660K-GL Cat NB2 Module
    LTE BG600L-M3 Cat M1 & Cat NB2 & EGPRS Module
    LTE BG95-M3 Mini PCIe Cat M1/Cat NB2/EGPRS Module
    LTE BG96 Mini PCIe Cat M1 & Cat NB1 & EGPRS Module
    LTE BG95 Cat M1/ Cat NB2/ EGPRS Module
    LTE BG96 Cat M1/NB1/EGPRS Module
    LTE BG77 Cat M1/NB2 Module
    LTE BC65 NB-IoT Module
    LTE BC92 NB-IoT/GSM Module
    LTE BC66-NA Cat NB2 Module
    LTE BC66 NB-IoT Module
    LTE AG35
    LTE-A & C-V2X AG520R
    C-V2X AG15
    SA800U-WF Smart Module
    LTE SC200R Smart Module
    LTE SC66 Smart Module
    LTE SC600T Smart Module
    LTE SC20 Smart Module
    LTE SC600Y Smart Module
    Wi-Fi & BT* AF20
    Wi-Fi FC20
    Wi-Fi & BT AF50T
    Wi-Fi & BT FG50V
    GNSS LC86L
    GNSS LC29D
    GNSS L26-P
    GNSS LC79D
    GNSS L26-T
    GNSS L89
    GNSS LG69T
    GNSS L26
    GPS L70
    GPS L70-R
    GPS L70-RL
    GNSS L76
    GNSS L76-L
    GPS L80
    GPS L80-R
    GNSS L86
    GNSS L26-DR
    GNSS L26-LB
    GNSS L76-LB
    GNSS L96
    GSM/NB-IoT EVB Kit
    Mini PCIe EVB Kit
    Smart EVB Kit
    L80 EVB Kit
    L76 Series EVB Kit
    UMTS & LTE EVB Kit
    EC2x&EG2x-G&UC200T Series Compatible Design
    FC20 Series&FC10 Compatible Design
    BG96&BC95-G&EG9x&UG9x&M95 Compatible Design
    BG95&BG96 Compatible Design
    M65&M66 Compatible Design
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