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BULTECH Uses Quectel GSM/GPRS Module M95 for its MilkAnalyzer

“At Bulteh 2000 we are focused on research and development of cutting edge products and services for the chemical, food industries and beyond. We are impressed with Quectel’s high quality product and excellent service.”
BULTEH 2000 ltd. was founded in 1996. The company’s activities are designing and manufacturing of series ultrasonic milk analyzers EKOMILK, somatic cells counting devices - EKOSCOPE and Ekomilk Scan, PH METER, device for detecting antibiotics and inhibitors in milk EKOTEST. BULTEH 2000 LTD is also manufacturer of instruments for control and measurement of ethyl alcohol volume content in water alcohol mixtures and wine distillate (wine) – ALKOTEST and ELECTRONIC EBULLIOMETER. The company developed and introduced Quality Management System corresponding to ISO 9001:2008.
EKOMILK STANDART Milk Analyzer is robust, reliable, automated multi-parameter milk analyzer providing rapid test results for: Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat, Lactose, Density, Freezing point, Added Water, pH, Temperature and Conductivity in fresh milk (cow, sheep and/or buffalo, goat). Based on ultrasonic technology, the instrument does not require any costly chemicals, caustic or reagents for testing.
The key component of EKOMILK STANDART Milk Analyzer is automated milk collection unit including data collecting and processing system. Quectel M95 module, a Quad-band GSM/GPRS modem, works at frequencies GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz and supports TCP/UDP and HTTP protocols through a GPRS connection. GPRS provides downlink and uplink data transfer speed of up to 85.6 kbps. It provides stable and fast data transmission between our milk analyzer and remote server system.
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