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Agriculture & Environment

The IoT technologies can help with precision planting, crop yield and quality improving, resources saving and cost control.

Farmland Monitoring
Farm Machinery
Environment Monitoring
Meteorological Station
Trail Camera
Wildlife Tracking

With the global population expanding continuously, the agriculture industry is under pressure to increase productivity and resource utilization. This can be realized through IoT technologies and sensors, which can help with precision planting, improving crop yield and quality, saving resources and controlling cost.


Moreover, IoT technologies can also play a part in the monitoring of meteorology, ecological environment, pollution and wildlife tracking, which usually have their numerous monitoring sites widely scattered in remote areas. With wireless modules, the data can be collected continuously, real-time and remotely.


The Advantages of Agriculture IoT


●  Farmers can obtain accurate and real-time data or information related to the ecological environment at or near the farmland, adjust relevant facilities based on analysis result, provide favorable environment for growth, and hence improve crop yields and its quality.

●  IoT provides important information in advance, such as weather forecast, market supply and demand, planting and harvest, which can help farmers plan agricultural activities, and make the farm operate in a more scientific and efficient manner.

●  Monitor the air quality, radiation, water quality, hazardous chemicals and many other environment indicators.

The Advantages of Quectel’s Modules


●  Small form factor, low power consumption, ease of integration, long-term availability and suitability for the harsh environment are the key features for Quectel’s products.

●  Support the advanced network capacity and high-speed data rate 3G/4G networks and the fastest LTE networks in all areas of the world.

●  Secure data transmission over wireless networks utilizing Quectel SSL function.

●  Reliable for seamless, always-on worldwide communication.


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